I had a teacher, about 20 years ago, share with me the phrase: “Wordology is our biology.” At the time, I didn’t know what it meant, and, it felt familiar and true. A few years later I stumbled across a book, The Biology Of Belief, by Bruce Lipton. He described  the way the mind (beliefs) can influence our body (biology). It was revolutionary and this new thought approach became a catalyst for opening up conversations within the general public and scientific communities. 

There is power in our words, thoughts, and beliefs. And that Energy is Powerful! As humans, we are negatively biased, we have the tendency to give more importance to negative experiences (even if they are insignificant) than to the positive or neutral experiences (definition source: healthline.com  mental Well-Being). Becoming aware of our  “knee-jerk”  reactions or patterns is a game changer. And it starts with Self… always.

I invite you to do a little experiment. Let’s take a snap shot of your morning, just as you wake up. Lets look at your internal wordology.

 What word or words do you awake to? Do you agree with it or not? Do you choose to reframe or not?

This is an example of wordology  through a negative bias lens because that is how we are wired. To shift that bias, it takes awareness, practice and devotion:


Today, I woke up in the morning  feeling a bubbling energy of anger, maybe it’s frustration too. So I latched onto the word- anger. Ok. now what. I hear my body says it’s angry. And that will influence my energy vibe today. So I pause, feel into it and allow it. “Where is this anger held?” I ask myself. “My heart and my right shoulder area.” Is this anger attached to a story, person, place or thing in my  current life or is it in the past? I inquire within. “It is attached to that story and that person, it’s from past circumstances that I am carrying today.” I have the choice to carry the anger into this day or not, being conscious of my choice is key. 

So, I pause,  breathe, feel the energy of the word, see the story and the person and allow ( for up to 5, or more, deep slow breaths). I let the story and person fade away, allowing just the anger. I allow all of it to be present -the story, the feeling, the word. I acknowledge where it is felt. 

The  next step is the game changer for me and it shifts the energy. I have a choice to reframe what I believe in the moment. I believe, I can change. I believe, I do not have to carry this into this day. I am safe to change my “knee jerk” reaction to a conscious choice. That story is a catalyst, inside me, giving me a growth opportunity, to look through a different lens or see from a different perspective. I choose to change. I know that person can change too, and it is their individual choice-not mine. I no longer choose to contribute to hold the energetic bind of the  past experience that was shared. I let go. I can change. I change. I allow new growth in me. Thank you (word) for assisting me  with the opportunity.

It is significant to note, when I began this practice, I had to imagine that I could do.  

This doesn’t mean I won’t  experience anger again-I am human soul. Yet I have started an unwinding process, through conscious awareness and choice. That is powerful!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge “-Einstein