What is Energy Healing?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy Healing?

We are energy, in physical form (our human body) and in the subtle bodies -emotional, mental, and spiritual. Energy healing involves moving energy, intentionally, through all four of these bodies.

The word healing can be misleading though. It implies that I can “heal” you. I do not believe that a healer does “healing.” Healing occurs when you tap into your innate and natural state of health and wellness. My role is to facilitate and support you in accessing your own body’s wisdom.

When I’m working with someone, science coupled with guided intuition usually tells me what I need to know. Sometimes I will feel a related discomfort in my own body. Other times, I just know where to go.

This energetic sensitivity stems from my childhood. Growing up, my mom taught me that everything from plants to rocks has consciousness. So she immersed us in nature, which we experienced intimately. Dad, by contrast, shared his passion for the cosmos to the point that when working with people I sometimes see different star systems and the expanded self that inhabits the body. Talk about energy fields!

Energy healing/medicine, which can be hands on or not, has different forms and names. Some you might be familiar with include bioenergy healing, distant healing, therapeutic touch, Reiki, sound healing and energy therapy.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc. are all physical practices that you can engage in to move your energy. Other practices of moving energy include acupuncture, meditation, etc.

Energy healing can be done yourself with your own practice or with an energy healer. I liken it to this – you are able to give yourself a massage or to receive one from a massage therapist or friend. Sometimes your self-massage is enough and other times, having someone else do it enhances the benefit.

What can I Expect my Session to be Like?

Deeply relaxing. I blend sound, which includes tibetan singing bowls, drums, vibrational tuning forks & my voice, as well as craniosacral techniques, bone breathing, aromatherapy essential oils and love. 

Everything and everyone carries their own unique vibrational energy frequency, like a signature or thumbprint.  Sound is how we can experience vibration and frequency, even if it is not clearly audible to our human ears, because we are frequency. Fundamentally, our own voice and the frequencies that surround us impact our wellness, a fact that science now backs up.  So I use sound, including tuning forks and a drum, to facilitate a deeply relaxed state in the body, so you can access your own inner healer.

The body responds to the balancing quality of Craniosacral techniques by subtly shifting to a more balanced rhythm.

Our bones are the densest aspect of our body, but they are not as solid as we think they are and through Bone Breathing we honor the convergence of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Aromatherapy is experienced through the most primal of our senses, our sense of smell.  The scent of essential oils have been shown to facilitate great relaxation, which promotes healing.

Lastly, I’d like to speak to the healing qualities of love. When you come to a session with me, the attention that I give you is an outpouring of my heart and love. I believe that in and of itself, love may very well be the source of every experience of well being. Health and wellness are cradled in the presence of love.

 Scientific evidence continues to build supporting the physiological changes that occur with sound.  

A mental state of calm.

A biological state of calm.

Who needs Energy Healing?

Any one can benefit from an energy session. If you have been in a “funk” that seems to be “stuck”, or feeling more stress and having difficulty returning to your balanced state.

Why do people see an Energy Healer?

To return to a more balanced state of being.

When do you recommend seeing an energy healer?

When you feel off balance.

Moving in an energy pattern that keeps you feeling stuck.

If you want support in continuing to move through life in a more balanced way. My healing bodywork sessions are the energetic equivalent of getting a massage from someone.

I think you’ll know when you need to see an energy healer based on how you’re feeling – you may be going through a transition, or you may feel like things are really stagnant and you need support in getting out of the rut… or perhaps you have a feeling of constant low energy, that has been happening for a period of time. You may have been working on yourself for a while and feel like there is a missing piece – the missing piece could simply just be that the energy needs to move.  I believe that you have your own inner wisdom & that you will have a knowing, or an intuitive hunch, that an energy healer can partner with you to restore balance.

What is an example of feeling subtle energy?

Everyone knows the effect of energy and has felt it. We feel it every day.  For instance, have you ever walked into a room and thought “Dang, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife.”

Or how about the experience of being around different people? You know which people make you feel more uptight or stressed and those that make you feel calm and content. That is feeling the energy. We all do it whether it is conscious or not. Look at the friends you choose to be around. Why? They generally make you feel good.

What about at work? Are there people you choose to engage with and others just what is necessary for your job to be effective?

What about yourself? Those days you feel energized or not. Those times when your mood shifts from one state or another. Do you recognize how you shift your energy when you are in an energetic state you would like to shift?

Consciously, you can shift simply by  deepening your breath for a few cycles. Doing so, decreases muscle tension, increases oxygen to the body, relaxes the holding pattern of the body so that you can be more present in the moment-to attend to what is necessary in a more calm, focused way.

You are feeling/reading the energy and choosing how to engage, every day.  Did you know that?

Do you consciously participate with this aspect of you? You can.

I know that everything I am mentioning is something you already know- I am just being the one to remind you to remember! It’s likely that most things I have mentioned, you have heard before. I trust it’s in a different way or a way that you can hear it and begin self practices that allow you to step into the Wholeness that already exists in you.

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