Are you listening? The universe, in its myriad of ways, is sending messages daily.  Are you open to that possibility? I believe you have experienced this multiple times, daily, whether you are conscious of it or not. 

I am asking you to be conscious of the messages/gifts that the universe sends to you daily.   They can show up in different ways, the message can be uplifting or confirming to you-and it is felt in your heart. 

Some examples of subtle universe messages:  a conversation you over heard at a cafe, the brief, kind, exchange you had with someone in the grocery store, the bird (or other animal) you saw on your walk that made you smile, the heart rocks you find when hiking (once you start looking, you start seeing them ! ), the feather on the ground-that invites you stop to pick it up, or the bumper sticker on someone’s car that lightened your day or made you smile. I saw one the other day for me: “You are enough.”  I paused. I thought: “hmm, yes I am. Thank you for that reminder, I needed that today.”

When you open to the possibilities of receiving messages, you start noticing them more. It can be simple if you allow your intuition to guide you. Notice the feeling in your heart-it is uplifting.  

Be curious, be open, allow yourself to see the magic in each day. You and the universe are, always, co-creating  each day. Look for the magic, the synchronicities, and you will see it/feel it/know it. You are deeply Loved.  Remember and Know that! 

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear” – Rumi