February known as the month of Love.

The month of Love is here, consider embracing this month in a new way. It has been quite a ride in 2020 with the pandemic, the restructuring of routines, the rearranging of priorities and finding new ways of living life in a meaningful way. As 2021 arrived, with the overlays of 2020 in the foundation, there has been a feeling of Hope that has also entered. We are not the same.

Consider small ways that you can continue to grow and nurture this Hope from the small seed that is here.

Give yourself permission to see and experience the goodness that you are. Write 5 or more things down on a piece of paper that you Love about you! Then, write 5 or more things down on a piece of paper that others have said or told you that lift you up (such as, I feel much better after talking to you). Really take those things into your heart. Allow yourself to feel them.

Now, on another piece of paper, write 5 or more things that you are grateful for (such as, hearing the birds singing as you woke from sleeping in a warm bed today). Feeling how these words expand in your heart. Being grateful for all of it. The key is to keep simple.

Then, below the grateful list, write what brings you Joy! Again, making a list of 5 or more things, keeping it simple. A few of things that bring me Joy include: listening to music, in my house, that makes my body dance (sometimes wildly, sometimes gently), walking in nature listening to the sounds. The key is keeping the list simple.

Write a new list every day (or maybe 2-3 times a week). There may be overlap from the previous day or you might find that new things begin to spill on the paper. If you can only find one thing write in each area, that is ok, don’t confine yourself to the suggested 5 things (heck! add more if that is what happens!)

This month, cultivate and nurture





This begins with each of us.