Bring your attention to your breath, you can place your hands over your heart to help you come to  your center. Notice your breath, feel the rise and fall of your chest, you may even feel your heart beating.

Check in with your body: how does it feel? You can pitch your awareness into your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Briefly assess where each resides in the moment.

Ask your body what color or colors it would benefit from, intentionally, moving the color through your body. Let your intuition guide you, or whatever color first comes to you. During this activity, the color(s) may change-that is ok, allow it.

As you breathe in – visualize the color flowing from your Higher Self, God, Source, Love (or whatever word you connect to & identify with).  Visualize the color coming through the top of the head, flowing through your entire body, infusing, every cell, every place and space that exists in you. Allow that color to flow all the way through the bottom of your feet to the center of the earth.  Initially, it may take several breaths to move the color through your body.

As you breathe out – visualize the color coming from the beautiful center of the earth, up through the bottom of  your feet, through your legs, trunk, hands, arms, neck, head all the way back to source.

Moving the color down and up  through your body, in rhythm with your breath. Try doing this exercise for several minutes or for as long as it feels good to your body.