I gotta to say, this hasn’t been something I have been consistent with lately, yet I know it is so nourishing for me. What is play for adults? Brene Brown’s definition of play and her 7 signs of play really ring true for me. 

Her basic definition of Play is doing something that has you lose track of time and self-consciousness. She believes play is the birth place of creativity and innovation. I agree.

The seven signs of play:

  1. Looks like no purpose
  2. Not required…not on the “to do list”
  3. Appeals to the inner child
  4. Lose track of passage of time
  5. Un-self conscious
  6. No rules or rules/structure is/are fluid
  7. Play, repeat, play, repeat, to infinity

Then there is another part of my brain that says: “show me evidence!” I respond to that thought: “so feeling nourished and creative inside isn’t enough?” Nope -was the answer.  So, according to research, Play, in adults, reduces stress, improves optimism, and builds mental flexibility. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/play). Ha! And, then, that part of my brain felt more satisfied and relaxed.

So the invitation to you, and me, this week is to dabble with Playing. Perhaps, sprinkle it into your life unexpected ways- dancing wildly in the kitchen, singing to your plants or yourself dramatically, playing a card game with the family/friends, hula-hooping in the living room, doodling on a piece of paper, making a collage, let your imagination run wild and joyfully experience something Playful and new. Ignite that playful creative power in you! And some of you may be really experienced with being playful and full of play! I say to you-keep spreading THAT energy!