Pause. Breathe deeply. Let your body relax-just where it is in this moment. Breathe. Feel the influx of energies that are shifting internally and globally. It is present. In this moment, just be with what is: the fear, the Love, the discomfort, the Calm, the anger, the Joy, the tears, the Smiles, all of it. Allow yourself to feel it All. Pause.

Where do you feel it? In your throat, heart, stomach or somewhere else? Be with it all, in this pause moment. If the mind wants to strategize. Pause. It is within the Pause, and feeling of it all, that will allow the movement/the shift. You are safe to feel it all. Breathe deeply and slowly. Now, release it all, let it all go.

Allow yourself to feel the nothingness. Pause. Allow the nothingness to widen  and expand inside your body. Feel the space created there. Pause. 

If self judgement begins to rise. Pause. Release it, let it go. We’ve been schooled, conditioned, at a very young age, to self judge and compare. It has been a way that we’ve been trained to keep us small and dim our life force light. It is  not your fault. Smallness is not the truth. Pause. 

Drop all the stories attached to the feelings. Just feel. Allow the feelings to soften. Be present with the feelings that arise. Feel them. Pause. Widening internally. Stay here for 90 seconds without trying to shift anything. Breathe. Place your hands where intuitively guided. YOUR hands carry and emit strong healing energies (if you don’t have hands, imagine your hands on that body area you were guided). Breathe, slowly and deeply.

You are who you are today because of all your life experiences. Celebrate this awareness. Honor your experiences for they have birthed you into the conscious now moment. Honor your journey that you have traveled so far. Thank those experiences that have helped mold you into the person you are today. Pause.

Feel your Magnificence, just as you are, in the here and now. YOU are a beautiful Soul-human being, expressing your unique authentic self. Pause. Feel it. Your unique energetic qualities add richness to this life, this earth, this time and space. There is nothing to prove. Pause.

You are a Gift. I honor you and your uniqueness. Feel that, hear that, know that. Pause.