Can humming lead to feeling better?

Humming is another way to connect to your body and shift your energy to a different state of vibration. It’s through creating your own sound, feeling it in the body and, eventually, moving it to a different area in your body to promote healing or shifting of your energy. We know that sound can shift our emotional, mental and physical state. You’ve done this before with music as a “self prescription” to alter your emotional/mental state.

Have you ever put on music to help you become more energized? More relaxed, say in the evening, to calm you down? Put on “sad music” to help you cry or stay in your melancholy mood? What about “happy” music to lift you up? Maybe you’ve just listened to music to feel the vibrations in your body, feel its resonance move through your body? You have “dosed” sound/vibration to “fit” the emotional/mental state that you desired more. I am asking you to experiment with your own sound, to make a shift.

We have “soft science” that has demonstrated a change blood pressure and heart rate with sound. It can increase melatonin release which helps to promote a relaxed state, calming and can boost the immune system. I believe, as scientist continue to research this, we will begin to see other benefits of music/sound, but we are still on the frontier of this aspect.

So, here is where humming comes in: intentional and directed by you. Experiment with this activity for a week or two. You may choose to keep a short journal so you can look back and reflect on the actual benefit you had. Be curious and be open to the benefits this may bring you. And most of all, have some fun with your self exploration.

Feel better right now by trying this! It only takes a few minutes to experience the guided practice below and all you have to loose is your discomfort. Energetic transformation awaits you.

Get Started:

Sit comfortably and take a few breaths to come into your body. Assess how your body feels. Then, pick a monotone sound. It’s interesting to note the lower sounds will be felt more in the lower part of the pelvis and as you choose a higher tone, the vibration of sound will move higher up into the chest and head areas. Whatever tone you pick to experiment with, stay with that tone for a few breaths to feel it in the different areas of your body. You may choose to have one tone one day, and another tone a different day.

Pick your tone, stay with it for 5-10 breaths. Then check in with your body, how does it feel? What changed for you? Do you feel different? In what way? Because we are all different (different emotional/mental state, different memories, different life experiences/stories) the experience we have with different tones will have a unique effect. Above all, allow yourself to have FUN…even if you may feel a little goofy.

**note these suggestions are from the book, “The Humming Effect” by Johnathon and Andi Goldman, both pioneers and experts in Sound healing

“I know what it feels like to be dragging or not quite up to speed.  I care about you and want to help you overcome where you are feeling stuck.  I help people raise their vibration, feel better and live in the best version of themselves.  I do this by offering tips and activities that can be done solo and private 1-hr energy bodywork experiences.” ~HL King, Intuitive Healer