There is an innate Joy that lives in our core. Each one of us. It is our birthright to feel this joy, to  know it and to remember this Joy is hardwired in us.  Joy has always been here, inside all of us. Inside you. Inside me. And, often, we have to consciously make that connection, then strengthen that connection through the feeling, remembering, and practice.  

What is Joy? When I searched for the definition of Joy, here is what I found: Joy tends to imply transcendence of self (meaning, not attached to an accomplishment, person, place or thing), Joy is cultivated internally; Joy is a deep feeling of contentment; And my favorite definition of Joy: when you make peace with who you are, why you are, where you are (

We have been taught to connect with others, primarily, through our pain body. We, as human-soul beings, are really skilled in that way of connecting. These complex emotions are important to  acknowledge, to feel, to work  through and to get help from others (friends or counselors) when required.  These emotions are catalysts for change. It is a point of connection. AND I am inviting you and me, to REMEMBER,  to connect through the JOY body as well. To strengthen the Joy body to be equally as strong as the other.

The Joy that I am referring doesn’t come from the outside. It does not come from someone, something or some circumstance. It is just there, inside each of us. The Joy I am referring to has many forms: exuberant Joy, quiet Joy, steady Joy, bouncy Joy, peaceful Joy, laughing Joy, creative Joy, let your eyes shine brightly Joy, just to name a few. Do you remember THAT Joy? Do you feel it in you? Breathe Joy back to life inside your  own body. It is there. Waiting for you to acknowledge it and widen it.

Experiment with this and see if it helps you connect to your inner Joy , perhaps, a little bit more:

Sit, breathe slowly, pause…bring your attention to your core, your energetic core- I see and feel this at my midline (my spine); breathe into that, ask your body to show you what Joy FEELS like. Breathe into that feeling, expand that feeling into every area of your body, all of your cells and molecules, all the spaces, let yourself be bathed in that intentional  energetic focus. Let your body show you how to Feel and Remember Joy. That is your birthright! Cultivate Joy daily!