It’s time to acknowledge the Greatness that you are-with all your complexities-at the core, YOU are LOVE. This month, I have chosen to offer you a few activities to that can assist you to tap into your core of Love-Self Love that is. There are a myriad of ways to do this and the following are what I have found to be personally beneficial. Are you willing to experiment with these weekly activities and feel the shift inside yourself ? If you are, you may be pleasantly surprised. The way I have formatted the activities is this way: The activities are first and you can read more about them at the end of the description if you choose.

Write a Love Letter to yourself:

  1. Gather paper, a pencil or a pen (or your computer), and color pencils.
  2. Create a space of comfort, let this be your sacred area for writing. It can be as simple as having a comfortable seat with a firm writing surface. Perhaps have a candle, favorite quote, picture or soft comforting music playing in the background. Allow this created scared space be uninterrupted for 15 or more minutes as you do this activity.
  3. Take the first few minutes (3-5 minutes), to center yourself-breathe slowly and deeply. Let all the tension in your body soften.
  4. Now, write down those qualities about yourself that are your strengths or things that you admire. These can be single words, short or long sentences. If you’d like, you can provide yourself with examples that have demonstrated these qualities in yourself. 
  5. After you have completed the exercise, keep it in a place where you can refer to it daily-perhaps next to your bed or taped to your bathroom mirror, so you can read over them daily for at least a week or longer. You can always add more qualities as you remember them.
  6. If you have trouble thinking of things to write-remember what people have told you and write those down. For example: “people say they feel better after being around me” or that “I am a good listener” or “my laugh is infectious”. 
  7. Allow yourself the freedom to write whatever comes to your mind. Then, with the color pencils, add color and few designs that feel good to you.

It is time to honor YOU.
Often in our culture, from my experience, it has been taught to recognize the goodness in others but not in ourselves. Sometimes, the inner critic is so loud, it has drowned out the soft voice loving presence that we all carry. It is time to take a pause from the critics voice and allow our love voice to be heard. You may be surprised what loving words and qualities that you carry. Really take that feeling in, feel it in your bones and cells of your body.

You are Love embodied,
Feel your Goodness,
You are here to shine your Light to yourself and others.

Celebrate YOU!