"The sun shines not on us, but in us." ~John Muir

Facilitating Energy Balance, Health, & Well-being

Welcome, I’m HL.

I’m an energy bodywork guide, physical therapist, yoga instructor, and standup paddleboard instructor.

I am passionate about bringing harmonic balance to your body, heart, mind, and life. I call this sacred living and living with intention.
Because whether you realize it or not, everything is energy.

Everything gives off a vibe or energy that reverberates and communicates out into the world.

Sound woo woo?! It’s not. It’s Science.

The question is, is this energy you’re subconsciously communicating helping or hurting you?

Is it helping you attract or distract you from your best life – healthy, happiness, peace and love?

This is about taking a more proactive role in your life. It’s about getting clear about the life you want to create and the energy you want to emanate in the world.

I have a gift, and I want to use my gift to help you get to where you want to be. Some people call me a healer, but I consider myself an energy guide. I can even teach you how to access your own energy in a way that expands your feeling of wholeness.

The Science of Sound Healing

I gradually became more aware that living life was exciting and deeply satisfying. This shift began to happen, slowly, but it began….and continues to expand. I believe, each of us, you too, have an innate ability to be whole. We already are whole – it’s really just remembering that we are and accessing our body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abilities. There are many ways to access this and if you’ve made it to my website/blog or other material, there likely is some information here that you will benefit from… even if you’ve “accidentally” stumbled across this information.

For the past 10 years, I’ve come to recognize and understand that we are vibration, we are sound. It is through conscious choice (higher vibrational choices- of thought, practice, action) that allows us to open up the doors of our deepest wisdom. This innate wisdom allows us to heal into our wholeness that ALREADY exists. We just have forgotten. It is time to remember your own healing abilities, your own power. The time is Now.

It is my intent to teach you some fundamental methods and offer you exercises to experience, on your own. It is your practice to choose what feels correct for you… and leave behind what doesn’t. You will know by how your body feels.

Science in sound healing is now starting to gain ground in understanding the benefits of sound to all our bodies-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Similar, but different findings, to science discovering the  benefits of consistent meditation.

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