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My distance or remote healings use energy, which is able to cross any distance, arriving to you via thought, emotion, and intention. This healing energy carries the intention to heal, organize and balance your energy field, resulting in a positive feeling of wellbeing.



Become a better version of yourself by cleaning and clearing your
energy field with my unique energy bodywork healing

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Energy Bodywork Can Help Clear, Balance and Heal

Do you feel like you’re just sludging through life?

Do you dream of having more energy—and/or less discomfort—to do what you love?

Have you lost the hope for well-being and joy in your life?

Many people struggle with chronic discomfort, low energy and exhaustion. At times, it might even feel hopeless.

I work with the unseen energy beneath these challenges to clear, harmonize, and open your natural energetic flow, so that you feel better and can live in a state of wholeness and mind/body health.

Clearing your energy fields brings about balance and a feeling of peace.


If you don’t believe in miracles, perhaps you have forgotten you are one." ~Karen Salmanshan

"Never be afraid to follow the rainbow, for the colors themselves will support you." ~A. Taylor

"The conclusion is always the same: Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy of the world." ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Facilitating Energy Balance & Well-Being

Welcome, I’m HL.

I’m an energy bodywork guide, physical therapist, yoga instructor, and standup paddleboard instructor.


I am passionate about bringing harmonic balance to your body, heart, mind, and life. So, I call this sacred living and living with intention. Because whether you realize it or not, everything is energy. Everything gives off a vibe or energy that reverberates and communicates out into the world.

I’ve always incorporated the use of energy into my work, sometimes without even realizing it. As a physical therapist, my hands would just know where to go. “Don’t do the usual PT stuff,” a returning patient told me five years into my 23-year PT career. “Just hold my head. That’s what made a difference last time.”

It suddenly dawned on me that I was doing more than I realized with the people I was treating. Along with all my training and experience, physical intuition was guiding their care, which included working with their bodies’ energy.

Over the years, classes and workshops had taught me that the sounds and frequencies that surround us impact our wellbeing, so I also started using that with my PT clients, and later carried that into my energy work. Now science validates what I’ve known for years—that sound will boost the immune system, increase melatonin levels, decrease heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormones and anxiety. So we can use that, along with other energy-related practices, to improve our wellbeing.

Most of us take responsibility for our health. We eat right, at least most of the time. We get rest because we know that’s really important. We move our bodies. We connect with others because we understand that supports us. And we practice some sort of mindfulness, whether that be meditation, spirituality or just walking in the woods. The energy piece can be the last piece of the wellness puzzle.

We all have the power to be whole, to be well. My role in this world is to help you to remember—and tap into—that innate ability.

I Consider Myself an Energy Guide

I have a gift, and I want to use my gift to help you get to where you want to be. Some people call me a healer, but I consider myself an energy guide. I can even teach you how to access your own energy in a way that expands your feeling of wholeness.



Regain your innate spiritedness and spark!

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Distance Energy 

Remote Healing Sessions

My distance or remote healings use energy, which is able to cross any distance, arriving to you via thought, emotion, and intention.

This healing energy carries the intention to heal, organize and balance your energy field, resulting in a positive feeling of wellbeing.

DIY Energy Mastery

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Unique Bodywork Experience

Schedule your very own Unique Bodywork Experience with me to connect deeply with your body’s innate healing ability. In these sessions, many people report that they feel themselves return to a more balanced state of being.

Come Home to Your Radiant Self

Some people are born with the intuitive gift of connection, HL is one of them.  With her medical background in Physical Therapy, and her deep belief that every person is innately whole and healthy, she is able to listen, feel and guides people through the unseen, and yet undeniable realm of energy.  Learn more about your own energy field by exploring her writing and exercises:

I invite you to explore my DIY Guided Energy Tips & Exercises Blog:

These blog writings are intended to be experiences that you can play with and see what works for you- to fill you up, to connect more deeply to who you really are.  Although these ideas may not be new to you, they are meant to be simplified, to experience yourself in new ways. Before you try the experience suggested, check in with your body prior to doing the exercise and then afterwards. See if you feel an energetic shift in your body, that feels supportive and loving. Sometimes, you may feel goofy trying something new and different. That’s ok, just allow yourself to feel whatever comes up without judging yourself.

I believe our bodies (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) have the inherent wisdom to heal, to be whole, to be healthy and have dynamic balance. It just takes a little bit of consistent practice. We all already know “what we should do for health”: eat healthy, get good sleep, move our bodies, meditate, connect with others, etc. These experiences I am suggesting are to supplement those practices or enhance them.

Joy resides in each of us. It is our birthright. It’s an inner feeling, it’s not based on external events or material things. Although the outside things may seem to enhance what is already present, it is within. Cultivating Joy and allowing it to be expressed in our daily lives is easier than you may think.

Try this exercise and see how it shifts  the energy in your body. I like to do this one before getting out of bed in the morning and, multiple times, during a day that I am feeling off center. On those off days, this exercise can be easily done wherever you are….. Heart Breathing.

Learn More About Your Own Energy Field by Exploring These DIY Tips & Exercises:

The Month of Love is Here

The Month of Love is Here

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What Other People Say

I am writing to express my gratitude for the wonderful session I experienced with you and my team. The love I felt throughout the hour will be with me forever. I now know who stands with me and am empowered to move forward with grace and joy. I am truly grateful that I was guided to work with you. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with the world.


in Pennsylvania, via Remote Energy Healing Session

I came to see HL with an active mind full of negative thoughts that I could not get to stop. The greatest gift she gave to me during the session was peace. My mind became quiet. The negative voices and thoughts all stopped. And she used a variety of techniques. Each added a layer of peace and relaxation. Tense muscles melted into calm and spirit opened to receiving. And I even fell asleep. When the session was over, I knew I felt better but wasn’t quite sure, at first, in what ways.

I went to my car and started to leave when I suddenly realized I felt light with a new sense of fun energy. I got a lot accomplished that afternoon. And when I go more of the same troubling news, via email, later that day, it didn’t trigger me. It just bounced off. I went on with my good mood. So, I highly recommend the experience with the HL. And she can help you break a negative cycle and start again refreshed. Thank you, HL!!!

S. Butler

in Bend, OR

I met HL in 2018 as my PT on my journey to wellness from a serious car accident. When she started her business, Expanding Wholeness, I felt a connection worth pursuing. What awaited me in her environment was her learned understanding of the inner workings of our mind spirit in the healing process.

Through that knowledge her bodywork invoked my inner strengths, awakening them to participate more completely with the process. HL offers her unique work in a safe, loving environment, with generous doses of support and encouragement.

J. Hayes

in Salem, OR

Healing sessions with HL provided a deeply relaxing experience that left me feeling open, lighter, and filled with peace. It was a release of stressful build up over time in both body and mind. Wow! Many thanks and much gratitude for this unique and peaceful experience. 

in Redmond, OR

The session with HL was gentle, yet had an intensely deep impact on me. The sound therapy in particular resonated with me and I felt like a dry sponge soaking up the healing vibrations. The session soothed my soul and spirit while deeply realigning my energy into natural state! I also had the best night sleep after my session than I have had in years!
L. Hughes

in Bend, OR

The more that I learn about trauma and the way our body reacts/ responds in an altered way, the more I appreciate the deeply restorative sessions that HL offers. The resonance and vibration of her sessions are the absolute best self-care I can give myself. The health-giving aspects of my parasympathetic nervous system engage, I feel safe, I relax, and my body rejuvenates. The benefits of this deep relaxation aren’t really discussed in the medical field and it is transformational.

My life is changing because I am learning how this energy work is like a bio-hack. I feel empowered to heal my life, my autoimmune disorder and my trauma response, in a way that no other medical or healing arts program has offered me. And it’s so simple. I am so happy I met HL and can receive these healing sessions with her. 

M. Tugmon

in Bend, OR

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